Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday Morning

i woke with a sense of urgency
knowing the beauty of a brand new day
knowing not to allow a single moment to slip away
knowing how much my entire being longed to play
and so i did
i held my boy in my arms for a long time
he kissed my nose
he giggled
in that mischievous way only a six year old knows
i popped sections of a tiny tangerine into his mouth
he lit up
as if to say
is how we’re meant to love
i played scrabble with my older boy
he asked me if it was ok to put down the word ‘fart’
i replied with the kind of laugh every grown person should have the chance to know
i chased my youngest boy around the dining room table
my fingers wriggling
preparing to feast on his belly’s bouts of hysteria
stop mama!, he yelled with a huffing seriousness
only to get a head start on me and tease, come and get me now!
i sipped ginger tea with a teaspoon of raw honey
i played, and sung with all my heart, Puff The Magic Dragon on my guitar
I wrote poems
about butterflies, silence, love, life...
I wrote poems
to sprinkle seeds of gratitude deep in the soil of my soul
i sat at the keyboard by my bedroom window
and let my fingers fall onto the cold white keys
resting there for a while
smiling at the silver squirrel balancing on the bare of winter’s hush
i felt a rush of longing
missing the canopies of leaves
missing the song of the blue jays
missing the smells of summer
kissing my moment
my eyes closed
my fingers fell
into unrehearsed rhythm
conducting my breath
on Saturday morning


  1. Oh I love the imagery in this piece. Wonderfully written

  2. Thank you so much, Kiana. I enjoyed writing this piece very much. :)

  3. There is so much beauty in this poem, but none more than your voice reading it....just perfect. And the dancing music, like a soft breeze, on an idyllic Saturday morning. Very special.

  4. Jen, This poem is just WoW! Your melodious voice is an cake on the icing :) I always love listening to this poem!

  5. "0BAMA BiDEN 2o12"