Sunday, April 14, 2013

sunset stains

I bear the weight of words
that linger
hellos and goodbyes
bittersweet breaths
surrendered sighs
that fill the spaces
that eventually become too vast
and too cold
to return to
where eyes will never meet
and where souls will never touch
the skies we paint
in silent shades of indigo
and subtle strokes of raw sienna
even the sun bleeds
and stains the horizon
with mourned memories
of last kisses
blown wishes
and promises
too painful
to keep

Sunday, October 28, 2012


he lowered his gaze
looking away 
from the whet
of her whimsical want 
to the unfurl
of her rhyme
he brushed the loose curl
of unkept time 
from the carefully carved curvature
of her porcelain spine 
his will waned
his heart stained
her silence seducing
to the tune of his name

temptation’s noose
her eyes like beacons
bore him a ravenous rush
bittersweet intoxication
too weak to hush the whispers
undressing his soul
he splashed truth onto his mind 
desperate to find 
a safe place to escape
a home to unwind

begging time to coalesce 
his limbs did digress
he found himself bound
to the sirenous sound
of her lies
he fell prey to her test
suckling poison
by the prowess of deadly illusion

how quickly the transfusion begins
as sin circulates
and darkness debilitates
is the promise
of Dunia 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Second Chances

there is beauty
in second chances
in stolen glances
hope waiting to be found
'round the bend
where the sound of hearts
that take the time to mend
lend to us the courage to believe
once again 

to weave our wounds of war
into transcendent tunes that demand more
pushing us to soar
above fields of forgiveness
child-like dreams
holding hands of hope
leading us back to innocence
awakening the believer within

where possibilities begin to bloom
and gentleness embraces the fears we once gave in to
too soon 
where tears fall a little gentler
and moments are just that

where trust comes
and smiles warm us
and souls surrender
to the stillness we can now call home

free from need
we bleed beauty, not pain
we walk along the shore of surety
fully knowing
none of this has been in vain


it's time
to try again

One Day

one day
we'll put down our shields
of judgment
and open our hearts
to “them”
we'll stop mocking
who are different
stop talking
about things we don't understand
we'll reach out
with sincerity to
who isolate themselves
from the world
never truly being able to imagine
the pain
that stains their souls
leaving their lives
full of holes
full of emptiness
one day
we’ll realize
the weight of our words
only then
will this madness end

Thursday, October 18, 2012

In Between

between reality
and dream
between shadow
and light
between silence
and scripture
lies doubt
between rest
and desire
between poetry
and pain
between hunger
and trust
a child
without a fear
without a reason
without a place
to hide
how hesitation does confide
in the soft silhouettes
that ride the waves
of persecution
we lose our balance    
we lose our sight
gasping for touch
raising our glasses
to the wind
we wait
anticipate the descent
of daylight
into anything that feels real
daring to defend
our darkness

Waiting for Dark

I close my eyes
and hold my breath
waiting for dark
to unveil me

I touch my scars
picking at noise
waiting for dark
to exhale me

I trace my path
where love once bled
waiting for dark
to complete me

I mask my pain
retreating in words
waiting for dark
to release me

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday Morning

i woke with a sense of urgency
knowing the beauty of a brand new day
knowing not to allow a single moment to slip away
knowing how much my entire being longed to play
and so i did
i held my boy in my arms for a long time
he kissed my nose
he giggled
in that mischievous way only a six year old knows
i popped sections of a tiny tangerine into his mouth
he lit up
as if to say
is how we’re meant to love
i played scrabble with my older boy
he asked me if it was ok to put down the word ‘fart’
i replied with the kind of laugh every grown person should have the chance to know
i chased my youngest boy around the dining room table
my fingers wriggling
preparing to feast on his belly’s bouts of hysteria
stop mama!, he yelled with a huffing seriousness
only to get a head start on me and tease, come and get me now!
i sipped ginger tea with a teaspoon of raw honey
i played, and sung with all my heart, Puff The Magic Dragon on my guitar
I wrote poems
about butterflies, silence, love, life...
I wrote poems
to sprinkle seeds of gratitude deep in the soil of my soul
i sat at the keyboard by my bedroom window
and let my fingers fall onto the cold white keys
resting there for a while
smiling at the silver squirrel balancing on the bare of winter’s hush
i felt a rush of longing
missing the canopies of leaves
missing the song of the blue jays
missing the smells of summer
kissing my moment
my eyes closed
my fingers fell
into unrehearsed rhythm
conducting my breath
on Saturday morning