Thursday, October 18, 2012

In Between

between reality
and dream
between shadow
and light
between silence
and scripture
lies doubt
between rest
and desire
between poetry
and pain
between hunger
and trust
a child
without a fear
without a reason
without a place
to hide
how hesitation does confide
in the soft silhouettes
that ride the waves
of persecution
we lose our balance    
we lose our sight
gasping for touch
raising our glasses
to the wind
we wait
anticipate the descent
of daylight
into anything that feels real
daring to defend
our darkness


  1. An interesting twist at the end: that the fading light might defend darkness ... I think only someone who experienced darkness as well knows how to handle it and keep it at bay.

  2. Absolutely! We assume darkness is bad and fail to realize how detrimental such judgments can be for others and ourselves. For many of us, it is a part of who we are.

  3. I lift a glass of gratitude for your words that touch everyone's heart of darkness. Thankfulness for your truthful words is all I can offer in return and the joy of having read them... ;-)