Friday, October 19, 2012

Second Chances

there is beauty
in second chances
in stolen glances
hope waiting to be found
'round the bend
where the sound of hearts
that take the time to mend
lend to us the courage to believe
once again 

to weave our wounds of war
into transcendent tunes that demand more
pushing us to soar
above fields of forgiveness
child-like dreams
holding hands of hope
leading us back to innocence
awakening the believer within

where possibilities begin to bloom
and gentleness embraces the fears we once gave in to
too soon 
where tears fall a little gentler
and moments are just that

where trust comes
and smiles warm us
and souls surrender
to the stillness we can now call home

free from need
we bleed beauty, not pain
we walk along the shore of surety
fully knowing
none of this has been in vain


it's time
to try again


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  2. Lovable indeed :D

  3. Transformation of all things--no matter how challenging. They become the soil for new seeds to grow, yes. Lovely. I share your love of poetry: