Monday, January 2, 2012

broken mirror

there are moments I sit completely bare/ completely still/ in the sun/ with my pain/ by the pane/ eyes closed/ heart open/ and I listen/
hair flowing down my back/ tears flowing down my cheeks/ down my chest/ I rest my soul in thoughts carried away on the gentle breeze/ I release/
I breathe in the sweetness of wholeness/ of love/ of light/ of faith/ embracing my fears with the courage only a woman can know/ i exhale/
limbs light/ heart a flight/ I set sail/ hear the distant wail of a small child/ a girl/ getting louder and clearer/ she begs to be heard/ I turn to her
I hold out my hand/ we tremble/ sadness weighing her eyes/ she doesn't recognize me/ she doesn't realize I'm breaking glass to set her free/
sometimes you have to stop mid-poem/ to breathe/ to look your child in the eye/ to tell yourself it's okay to cry/ to love and be loved/
you see/ the poem never ends/ it's a collection of your perfect gems/ threaded on the finest threads of life/ your life/ the rhyme can wait/
cuz the truth is/ we hesitate/ to reach a little deeper inside/ we all contemplate/ finding that perfect place to hide/ till we grow up/

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