Monday, January 2, 2012


when the sparks from a new found love start to settle, and shared moments of stillness are what you look forward to the most, 
it's time to undress
it's time to undress our souls, unveil the dark holes, reveal the last few secrets that hold us by the throat, knowing there is no going back
cuz if this is real enough, and we're both brave enough to love ourselves enough to feel enough, the comfort we provide one another, is more than enough
enough to call the bluff of the inner child, threatening to scatter the neatly piled stack of fears, tantruming terrified tears, we switch gears
to make love last, till scars fade real fast, we stand our insecurities in rows, and like dominoes, the intensity grows till it's time to begin again
looking into each other, shining scuffed mirrors, surrendering our shields and spheres, the war's over, it's time to go home

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