Tuesday, January 3, 2012

two days

my lips navigate this heart 
through torrential pain
seeking to relearn the motions once again
i mouth your words
mostly in silence at night
when i’m too tired to fight
and too afraid to lose sight of why I surrender my fears into midnight’s mourning
has become a dirty word
in every peek i sneak of my scars you bleed 
your eyes are heard
i close mine
begging my mind to stop the rhyme
searching for the button that might break time’s hold
to loosen the grip just a bit
so i can fold myself back into you till Dawn deliberates 
i run my fingers
up and down
my ache
i fake pleasure
i mistake moments for an eternity
my limbs take turns
scouring memories
staving off starvation
it hasn’t even been a whole two days

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