Saturday, January 14, 2012

the answer

fierce winds blow
sins deep inside
self destructive souls
self loathing minds
to places prayers dare not fold
fantasies fray
where temptation’s sold
scalpers inflate
egos rise
we row our reasons
we know our kind
quick circumcision
of fears that bleed
I’m the only one I’ll ever deceive
tangled tricks
pick up sticks 
a dangerous game
of squandered shame
one wrong move
foundations sway
lose a turn
lose a life
lose yourself in blame
simply refuse
to answer his call
that’s his job
to make you fall
to poison your palette 
to blind your ears
to busy your todays
with yesteryears
that may never come
and if we busy our todays
on the run
from ourselves
from Truth
from silence
we may never hear
the answer
© 2012

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